Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BeagleCast 2011-05-06: Talking ARM with Greg K-H

Today we interview Greg Kroah-Hartman and your hosts are Jason Kridner and Jeffery Osier-Mixon. Gerald will be back in two weeks.

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The Greg K-H interview is roughly the last 15 minutes.

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    Joel Fernandes said...

    As the BeagleCast had some discussion about languages for beginner programmers, thought I would add that I remember helping this school teacher teach kids programming for the first time, with the Shoes GUI toolkit which is built on Ruby programming language and is as easy as it gets for beginners, as one could quickly develop simple graphical applications with a few lines of Ruby code.

    I have found that kids relate and learn better when programming with something of a visual nature, as compared to maybe using a compiler and getting feedback from a shell :)

    And I guess learning Ruby is a good education experience anyway as it is a rich language :)