Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A pair of EDN Innovation winners

The "OMAP35x Application Processor" and the "Beagle Board Embedded Linux Development Board" were both winners of tonight's EDN Innovation 2008 awards for their respective categories of "Microprocessors" and "Software/Embedded Tools". It was a great evening, with several great products recognized and it was nice to have our products among those. It was a great way to follow up a successful day of hands-on classes at the Embedded Systems Conference on the BeagleBoard. Too bad Boris wasn't there to accept the honors himself. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rev C available for Silicon Valley BeagleBoard User's Group meeting

Rev C2 is available now! Same part number at Digi-Key and the same price!
  • Twice the RAM (256MB, instead of 128MB)
  • High-speed-only dedicated-host USB port with standard A-type connector
  • LCD expansion header
All of the Rev B units sold out, so all new orders will be filled with Rev C units which are already in stock. The timing worked out perfectly with the last Rev B units being sold the day after the Rev C units arrived.

All of this is just-in-time for our Silicon Valley BeagleBoard Users' Group meeting being held immediately following the Embedded Systems Conference. We'll be enjoying a few beers and discussing the BeagleBoard.org sponsored project program. The meeting will be held in room B1 in the convention center right after the show closes at 4 PM, Thursday, April 2nd. Join us in the ESC Theater an hour earlier for a chance to win a BeagleBoard and a Tektronix scope. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

ESC Build Your Own Embedded System online registration deadline 3/25

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ESC BYOES online registration closes on 3/25. Register & get a new Rev C for the Beagle Board labs covering Android, 3D UIs, DSP-accelerated GStreamer, adding Bluetooth, and more. Only $199 to add the BYOES sessions to your ESC registration or just $595 for a special Beagle Board Days Pass.

See http://esc-sv09.techinsightsevents.com/byoes for details and to register.