Friday, May 9, 2008

Distros for Beagle

Some may think of the Beagle Board as just another embedded eval board, but its capabilities lie much closer to those of a computer. And as a computer, Beagle needs an OS. Though we are already running Linux, and it’s fine, there’s still something missing. Beagle needs a distro.

On your PC you might use Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, or another distro out there, and Beagle needs one as well. Currently, Beagle is already running Angstrom (OE) (thanks Koen!), but why not get involved early and help Beagle run Ubuntu ARM (Mojo), Fedora ARM, Gentoo ARM, or even ARMedslack?


Francisco Keppler Silva Alecrim said...

What about Mamona? We have this linux distro runnning Beagleboard. ;)

Jadon said...


How do the rest of us get started playing with Mamona on the Beagle Board?